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Senderisme delta de l'Ebre


6,00 €

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Product Description

Enjoy nature in different routes for the natural parc of ebro delta or for the natural parc of the ports, walking around that these wonderful landscapes and glimpse montain or delta plain.

The price includes:

  • Materials required for the activity, insurance and monitors.
  • Free transportation from the point of meeting with the monitors to the activity.

We recommend:

  • Sunscreen, sports wear, towel, clothes and shoes and other shoes.


  • Minimum 6 Pax Group.

The organization reserves the right to modify the schedule and location of the activity, as it considers necessary for organizational reasons, without involving reduction or pay the amount of activity also reserves the right to cancel the activity, if weather or safety reasons it thinks fit, in which case they will be reimbursed the exact amount of the reserve.

Additional Information


1/2 day (3-4 hours) including travel

Preu adult

6 € / pax

Preu nen

25% discount (under 18 years old)


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